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Learn about Tartan's open source activities.

Open Source Ethos

Open Source Projects

The web is built upon the efforts of developers who donated their time and expertise to solve difficult problems and create open source tools such as WordPress. These tools save our customers time, money and make features available that would otherwise be out of reach. In keeping with this spirit of collaboation, we have open sourced a number of our development tools for others to use and even improve for everyone's benefit.

The Tartan 'Site Control System' is an air traffic control system for team WordPress Development. It prevents a team from running into merge collisions when there are multiple developers working on multiple projects at the same time. It gives everyone a single source of truth as to which projects are being worked on by who and when. To to find our more, visit the scs repository on GitHub 

Migrating WordPress sites between local and production environments can be difficult. We found existing solutions were either time consuming, expensive, over-complicated or unreliable. To solve this problem we build a command line tool that syncs state from local to production environments. To to find out more, visit the sync repository on GitHub 

There are many occasions as a WordPress developer where you'll need to write custom queries that return specific values from a local database or external resource to be displayed when certain conditions are true on the site. Many of these queries reference common data sources and are therefore reusable between WordPress instances. Over time we have built up an archive of these queries and we are working on open sourcing the most useful ones. You can find our more, use the snippets or contribute your own on GitHub  


Community Support

There is vibrant community of WordPress developers and users in Scotland. We are active participants in this community and contribute to it through our office hours and meetup programmes. 


WordPress Office Hours

Have a problem with WordPress you've been struggling with? Need help but don't know where to turn? Drop into our Weekly Google Meet Office Hours. 12-2 pm every Wednesday.

Edinburgh WordPress Developer Meetup (On Hiatus)

We run an unofficial meetup for WordPress devs and enthusiasts in Edinburgh.  Join us for a beer or lemonade and a discussion of all things WordPress.